Web Information System for Education Version 2


WISE is a web based academic system for schools and universities. The basic features include Student/Professor(Teacher)/Guardian, Course, Grade, Transcript management, and Online Course Registration.

- Free (All Core functions) : Open Source Software -HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, MariaDB(MySql), Apache
- Multi-language support (English, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, Chinese, Kyrgyz, Thai, Khmer, Persian and more. You can add a new language easily)
- Easy to use (User-Friendly Interface)
- Easy to upgrade/maintain (OOP & High Modularization)
- Secure and integral (mysqli, InnoDB)

* The Open source WISE project was initiated by professor Sejong Oh at Dankook University in Korea. The version 2 was started as an independnet project and was built on a new architecture and design.

* Official Open Source Version (WISE V2.0) will be released in 2019 (postponed due to further source code improvements).
But WISE V2 Cloud Service is available now.
Apply NOW by email (wise4edu@gmail.com)!

Our Values

VISION: Our vision is to improve the quality of education especially in underdeveloping/developing countries.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide a highly useful and cost-effective School ERP System for many schools and colleges and their students, teachers, staffs, and parents.

System Diagram


Graph of Grade
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Who are using WISE2 System?

China Thailand Cambodia Mongolia Pakistan Tanzaniz Indonesia Ghana

Google Map of Euro-Asia and Africa - 2018

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What's new in WISE V2?

WISE V2 Annual Cloud Service Fee (2018 Rates)


$50 / 100 Students

$50 / GB Storage for CMS (1GB is the minimum plan)

eg., A college with 300 students using 3GB Storage: 3 x $50 + 3x$50 = $300(USD)/year

Elementary ~ High school

$30 / 100 Students

$50 / GB Storage for CMS (1GB is the minimum plan)

eg., A high school with 500 students using 3GB Storage: 5 x $30 + 3x$50 = $300(USD)/year

Kindergarten / other Institutions

$20 / 100 Students

$50 / GB Storage for CMS (1GB is the minimum plan)

eg., A Kindergarten with 200 children using 1GB Storage: 2 x $20 + $50 = $90(USD)/year

$100 for installation/setup
20% Discount is available for schools in underdeveloped/developing Countries (Local schools).
Further discount is possible for large storage (more than 5GB).
For periodic maintenance and specialized functions, please consult us.


Consulting & Solutions

We also provide solutions of school websites (synchronized with WISE V2 System) or specialized web applications.



Contact us and we will get back to you.

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